Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I was there!

I traveled to DC for the Inauguration last week. Needless to say, it was very inspiring and historic. I could write a book, but I'll let a few pictures speak for the experience. To see all three albums on facebook, these are the links: Inauguration Day, DC Part I, DC Part II.

In front of the Jefferson Memorial

Jumping for Joy at the Jefferson

By the Washington Memorial

At the Lincoln Memorial

This guy was dancing to some impromptu music on the steps of the Lincoln. He was TOO cute!

Night on the Mall - this photo was taken by a freelance photographer and writer who I met in line and who happens to know several of the people I met during my study abroad in Latin America. It was quite an enjoyable and serendipitous night!

Ice Skating at the National Art Museum Sculpture Garden

4:45 AM on Inauguration Day - coming out from the Metro with a million people. EXCITED!

Dawn at the Capitol

Friends we just met - all trying to stay warm, but filled with excitement

Feeling patriotic and proud to be an American. A good moment.

The reason we all gathered in the freezing cold for hours and hours. President Obama!!

The huge crowd behaved itself but left a lot of trash. :(

Getting warm again at the Hawk & Dove - Cheers to the next 4 years!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Girls Weekend

This weekend I visited my friend Caris in Portland. Somehow I didn't take one picture the whole time I was there... but we had a great time. Friday night I had to ref a basketball game in Junction City, then met up with Tim and friends for dinner at La Perla in Eugene. By 8:00 I was finally on my way to Portland.

On Saturday we went to brunch at Pambiche, a Cuban restaurant in NE Portland. The food and atmosphere were truly authentic and very enjoyable, as was the company of course! Then it was off to bowling at Hollywood Bowl. I scored over 100 twice - quite an accomplishment for me! But Caris still beat me both games. After bowling we hit the theater and saw Gran Torino - such a surprising film! I highly recommend it.

We rounded out the evening with split pea soup (my first ever - YUMM!), and the Blazers game at Caris' parents' house on their huge HDTV. It was so fun to see how much the Blazers have changed in the last 5-10 years. They are selfless on and off the court, and they really work together as a team. Such fun to watch!

All in all, a fun time! Thanks for a great weekend, Caris!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cameron & Christina's Wedding

So, I went to Estes Park, Colorado for my cousin Christina's wedding. I discovered I should be an event/wedding coordinator as I had so much fun pulling everything together in the last few days... Here are some photos:
Sisters - my mom, aunt Lura (the cake miracle worker) and Aunt Lesta (the mother of the bride)

Daniel and I dancing at the reception

Tim and I at the reception

The sweet and serene father-daughter dance turned CRAZY! :)

Cutting the beautiful cake


Beautiful bride and groom

I played guest-book/program/gift table girl - and matched the theme too!

Steaming out the wrinkles in the wedding dress