Monday, 28 January 2008

Moving and Snowing

Well, folks, we've gotten completely moved into our new place, in large part due to help from friends and family. We moved on Friday - a beautifully clear, but chilly day. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It didn't even rain on us! Two of my coworkers brought a race car trailer to haul all of our stuff in and numerous friends helped us move all of our things into the new place. Our moms and two of Tim's siblings came from Eastern Oregon to help us out too! The moms cleaned the old place on Saturday until it shone and completely set up our new kitchen for us - what a blessing! Then we woke up Sunday morning to snow, both on the ground and falling steadily from the sky! This is pretty exciting precipitation for Eugene when such moisture generally falls from the sky in droplets rather than flakes! :) We got about 6 inches by the end of the day yesterday. As I look outside I see it is trying to snow again this morning! I love the snow, but I sure am thankful it held off until Sunday when we were settled in and ready to enjoy it!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Please Tell Me It Isn't So

Is this guy for real?! Christvertising?
Let's commercialize Jesus a little more, shall we?
How about that prosperity gospel!!

New Year - New Post

Ok, so we're well into the new year - 16 days to be precise. But this will still be titled "New Year - New Post". So there! And, yes, I realize it's been 39 days since my last post...

To update ya'll, there have been more changes in the life of Kendra lately:

- I traveled to Newnan, Georgia for a company Christmas party in December and quickly realized that I see no future for myself in this company. They pay me well and I don't have to do much for it, but I'm nearly always bored at work and I feel no desire to stay in the veneer and gypsum industries for any longer than I have to (read: until I can find a more fulfilling job).

- So, I'm currently applying for new jobs! Two of note, both at the University of Oregon and both Office Specialist 1 positions: one at the Law School, and one in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Both sound like great prospects to me since they will allow me to ride the bus to work, give Tim (and I) very cheap tuition for any classes we take, and fantastic state benefits! Also, both jobs are in areas that actually interest me in some way, and there is opportunity for advancement once you get your foot in the door! But I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much 'cause getting a job at the U of O is apparently very difficult - I've yet to even get an interview for any of the jobs I've applied for there!

- Our first married Christmas and New Years was a flurry of activity - traveling to McMinnville, Portland, Baker City, and Weston to see innumerable family members and friends. It was really great to spend time with so many people, but by the end of our holidays it was really good to get home.

- Speaking of home - we're moving to a new home January 25th! Ok, well it's not exactly "new", and it's not exactly a "home" as in "house". It is a newer apartment that is much larger - 2 bed 2 bath to be precise. It is closer to campus so Tim can ride the bus easier (and if I get a job at the U of O we can ride the bus together), and most of our friends live within a block of our new apartment! Also, we are within walking distance of Autzen stadium, so our friends and family who come to the Duck football games can come stay with us (in our GUEST BEDROOM) and walk to avoid the crazy traffic and parking conditions. Not to mention we will be more able to entertain our beloved friends and family! Very fun.

- I discovered something new this year! I took two weeks off for Christmas and New Years and GOT PAID FOR IT!! This is an amazing thing for a person who has never had a full-time job for longer than 3 months during the summer. Paid vacation! Wow! :)

- I've continued my new habit of reading lately. The Time Traveller's Wife and Life of Pi are fantastic (thanks Allyson for the recommendations). My aunt and uncle also gave us a subscription to Relevant the magazine for Christmas. We got our first issue and LOVED it! I read it front to back at work one day.

- If you're laughing about my reading a magazine at work, that's not entirely normal (I mean my reading at work... your laughing would be entirely normal) On Wednesday my work computer died completely and the solution that they came up with at our headquarters in Georgia was to ship me a laptop to hold me over until I got a new computer. But it took them four days to ship me a laptop they had in stock. So, I sat around and read for 4 days rather than taking time off and wasting vacation days.

So, it's a new year full of new changes... though it certainly does not take a new year to bring about change (it does somehow seem appropriate to discuss change as our calendars flip to a new date.) I feel as though the last eight months or so have been crammed full of changes. Bringit on, change... I embrace you fully.