Monday, 22 June 2009

Not funny

Around 5:00 this evening two Metro trains collided killing at least 6 and wounding dozens on the border of DC and Maryland. I was not on either of the trains involved, but I did feel the effects on my commute home in the form of delays. It wasn't until I arrived home that I found out what had happened.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Lately, the theme around here seems to be humor. And I can't say that I mind! Allow me give you just a few examples:

- East Coast Flooding: A couple weeks back I was getting ready to go out to dinner for a friend's birthday and it was storming outside. I mean, REALLY storming. The rain was pouring, the wind was blowing, and the thunder and lighting was incredibly loud and bright. Tim hadn't gotten home yet and I was about ready to leave, so I called him to see where he was. As it turns out, he was standing on our upstairs neighbors' porch waiting out the storm rather than taking the time to unlock our door while getting drenched. Upon realizing I was home he jetted down the stairs while I held the door open to quicken his escape from the driving rain. After a rushed goodbye I decided to brave the storm in an attempt to get to the restaurant on time. I donned my trusty patent leather heels, grabbed my umbrella and threw open the door with authority only to realize that we had failed to notice something during Tim's rushed entrance (and my own an hour earlier). Our lower-than-ground-level stoop was rapidly filling with water!! The drain had become blocked by leaves and debris, and the pouring rain had nearly filled the entrance to overflowing - right into our house! Fortunately it hadn't overflowed yet, so I yelled hysterically at Tim to "get me something to bail us out"! Through fits of laughter, Tim (who had just stripped off his soaking wet clothes and was running around in his skivvies) rushed toward the bathroom. Thinking he was going to get towels (which would clearly do us no good), I shouted at him to get me a Tupperware from the kitchen (for use in my bailing plan, of course). At my request, he threw me a Tupperware container with which I attempted to bail us out. Meanwhile, Timmy had returned to the bathroom, grabbed the plunger, and met me at the front door laughing at my frantic attempts to keep our apartment from being flooded. Once I had realized that my plan was never going to work he stepped up and in just two thrusts sucessfully plunged the drain. The water was gone in seconds. Why hadn't I thought of that?! I am not so proud that I cannot admit his plan was much much better than my own. And, yes, we laughed about the situation for days.

- Politics and Baseball: A week or so ago Tim and I attended the 48th Annual Congressional Baseball Game. It's hosted at Nationals Park, and yes the Congress members play. It's Democrats v. Republicans and the Dems hadn't won for years. Tim got tickets through one of the offices he serves, so we got to sit with them and enjoy the hilarity. Though it seems like Politics and Baseball should not be mixed, the levity of it all seemed healthy, in a way. It serves as a physical and public display of the battle between the parties, and it gives everyone something to laugh about. I mean, the teams train and prepare for this game very seriously, but the spectators are in it for the fun. Unfortunately, many of the folks in the crowd were not so pleasant to sit with. We were chatted up by an annoying lobbyist, and the ex-Hill-staffers behind us could not have had more annoying and entitled conversations. Randomly enough, thought, Nancy Pelosi was sitting not far from us and she had something of a following - people attempting to get her autograph and snap pictures with her. Quite a sight to see - politicians as rock stars.

At the Congressional Baseball Game

-Live from DC, it's Saturday Night!: This weekend we had a little get-together at our place that turned into a bigger party than planned. We spent most of the night playing the game "21", a game where you make up the rules as you go along and have to keep track of them all. Anyway, as the night got later and later the game got funnier and funnier and we all ended up in fits of laughter:

Laughed so hard I cried

The boys and their chuckles

- Laughs on the Big Screen: Though we don't often go to movies in theaters ($10.75 per ticket is a bit steep!), I went to two comedy films this weekend with friends. The first was The Hangover which, though a bit crass, sent me into fits of laughter on multiple occasions. If you know me well, you know these kinds of movies (where humor stems from how messed up the situation is) drive me crazy. I usually spend the entire movie trying to figure out how to fix the problems rather than finding the humor in SNAFU. This film, however, was so ridiculous while remaining relatively grounded in reality that I couldn't help but laugh. The second film was The Proposal, which I attended with my new friend Laura (a friend of Amber and Aaron's who is now in DC and is now forced to be friends with me *winks*). While this romantic comedy portrayed a rather unlikely relationship, it was still a feel-good film with lots of laughs along the way. I was entertained, even if my mind was not in any way stimulated.

In other news:
- A still untitled film staring Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson has been shooting in DC lately. The cast and crew spent two days on the street corner right next to where I work preparing for and then shooting a scene for the movie. I didn't get any photos of the movie stars, but was told on my way to Starbucks that I was in the shot and to "please keep moving". Who do they think they are, taking over our block then telling me what to do?!

- My little brother came to DC with his high school band last week and I got to see them perform (which was weird, given that I had never been on the audience side) and met up with them during their evening Monuments and Memorials tour. Daniel even got to stay with us one night! Man, has he grown up!

After the band's performance at the Old Post Office Pavilion
Two Thumbs Up for a job well done!

- My new friend Laura and I went to Georgetown Cupcake yesterday and stood in a long line to get my Key Lime and her Chocolate2. YUM! Expensive though they are, the flavor and presentation is worth every penny.

For more photos of the latest escapades in DC, click here.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Summer Song

I've found myself listening to this song a lot lately. Among other things, it has served as a pick-me-up when I'm feeling a bit down (read: when I get soaked by the torrential downpour on my way to work), and a great end to the work-day on my Metro commute home. After watching the music video, I also feel it's a super fantastic summer theme song, and I wanted to share the joy with you all. So, have a little listen if you have a moment for a feel-good tune.