Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tutu's message to Obama

This article from BBC News, "Obama, don't lose goodwill - Tutu", pretty well expresses how I feel about Obama's presidency. I have high hopes for President Obama, as does the majority of the world, but I refuse to delude myself in thinking of him as the savior of the world. No single man can solve the world's problems in the way some people believe Obama could. As usual, however, Archbishop Desmond Tutu's caution to Obama is insightful - and hopefully advice that the President will follow.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Weekend with my Valentine

Tim and I spent Valentine's Weekend on the Oregon Coast with his grandparents, Grandma Barbie and Grandad Don. Since we didn't leave until after work on Friday most of our drive to Oceanside was dark. I would have never known we were at the ocean ... if it weren't for the sound of the waves on the shore when we got out of the car. But the sunrise Valentine's morning brought a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean from the third story of the house. It was so calming to just watch the waves crashing in on themselves as we sat cozy in a warm house and ate bacon, eggs, pears & cream, and orange juice fixed with love by Grandma Barbie's hands.

Morning Stroll

We took a stroll on the beach in the morning... it was so chilly Tim and I borrowed some of our grandparents' clothes to bundle up. But even with the brisk weather it was still a joy to walk on the beach, taking pictures of the natural beauty we so seldom see.

Tim in Borrowed Hat, and I in Borrowed Coat and Hat

In the afternoon we watched some old home video from when Tim's dad was little, and then from when Timmy was little. It was quite an experience, especially since several of the people who were in those videos are now dead - people I never met (and one that I did) that are talked about so much by the family they left behind. Following the home videos, we saw Grandad Don in one of his early plays in his younger days. Then it was onto the video from their recent trip through the Panama Canal along with the hilarious and ironic Nova documentary about the making of the canal. I worked on a small art project while we watched the movies, then transitioned to conversations about recent happenings.

We took another stroll on the beach at sunset before high-tailing it back to the house to catch the end of the sunset from a better vantage point.


Surfers at Sunset

Sunset from the House

Dinner was at Roseanna's - a quaint restaurant in Oceanside with delicious food! I had grilled halibut with a yummy strawberry feta salad, asparagus and grilled potatoes. To top it off, Tim and I shared a yummy Marrionberry cobbler a-la-mode. YUM!


End of Dinner - Marrionberry Cobbler A-la-Mode

We spent the evening chatting about the future of the ranch in Haines, got up for Mass on Sunday followed by French Toast breakfast put on by the Tillamook Sr. Class to raise money for several "causes".

The drive home was lovely - much better in the light of day - and a great way to top off a splendid trip.

After Dinner - Happy and Full


Friday, 13 February 2009

Decorating ideas for renters

I recently found this great slide show of great decorating ideas for renters at the Domino Magazine website (unfortunately March is their last issue!). For those of us who will be renting for the next few years, these tips can make our time as non-homeowners much more enjoyable!

This is one of my favorite ideas:

Friday, 6 February 2009

It has come to this

The story discussed in this editorial disturbs me. How is it ok to treat people this way (afterall, these are people) - some of whom have done nothing wrong but cross a line drawn in the sand seeking a better life? I think it's important to note that many people who enter the country without papers do not have any way to enter legally. It's not that they choose to enter illegally rather than going through the propper process. It's that there is no process for them because they have no US Citizen family, or they are not Olympic Atheletes, or they don't have their M.D. and are not sponsored by some specialty hospital who has the money to cover their immigration process. It seems to me that we treat convicted felons better than we treat undocumented immigrants! What upsets me the most, I think, is that this spectacle reminds me of photos I saw at the Holocaust Museum last month. I pray that we are not going there with our overzealous, xenophobic enforcement of immigration law.