Saturday, 8 December 2007

Housewifery and Basketball

Some days I feel much more like a housewife than others.

Last Monday night was certainly not a housewife night. For those of you who had not heard, I reffed my first basketball games Monday night! Both games were seventh grade girls, and they were highly entertaining in a boring game sort of way. *grin* I remember playing ball in seventh grade; we were quite clumsy and unsure of ourselves and these girls were no different. As a referee I had to choose which violations to call, because if we had called every last violation and foul each game could have lasted four hours! In the end I think we did a good job of keeping the game clean enough to be safe and fair, but still allowing the girls to play, learn and have fun. I certainly learned a lot Monday night, and I have a long way to go before I will be a great ref. I had two more games this week (both 8th grade girls) and will have three next week - including my first high school game! The extra income will be greatly appreciated, and I enjoy the job so far! I will be traveling all over Lane County, visiting all sorts of schools and interacting with lots of kids. Hopefully sometime in the near future I will get a picture posted of me in my ref uniform. I've even got the cheesy black ref tennis shoes!

More on point...

Tuesday and Thursday nights Tim works until 10:00 at night and our schedules clash so we don't see each other between our scheduled work times. In an effort to keep myself busy and retain my sanity, some nights I clean while Tim is gone and my friends are busy with their jobs or homework. Keeping myself busy helps me to forget that there are no people around to enjoy, while cleaning sooths my obsessive compulsive neat freak tendencies.

Last Tuesday was one of those evenings that made me feel especially housewife-ish.

In truth, last week's housewife trend began on Sunday when I put up all the Christmas decorations my mom had so thoughtfully delivered to me over Thanksgiving! I played parts of Handel's Messiah and A Charlie Brown Christmas, two holiday classics, while setting up and decorating my little imitation Christmas tree. Miniature white lights and all of the angel ornaments my mom gave to me throughout my childhood Christmases set the mood in our living room for the Christmas season. Tim even joined in and helped me put white rope lights up at the top of our living room walls for that especially cozy Christmas feeling.

This homemaker feeling must have carried over into my usual Tuesday evening housewifery. I spent the whole evening half-watching HGTV while vacuuming every last speck of dirt from our carpeted floors, making four trips to the laundromat in our complex to do all our laundry, ironing each wrinkled item I had just washed, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning up the mess from Christmas decorations. I don't know how moms with full-time jobs (or even without one), bigger houses, and kids get everything done!

Here's to you mothers of the world!

And now I'm putting together our Christmas card/letter to send to family and friends. This strikes me as a very married thing to do. When I asked my friends for their new addresses, some of them took the opportunity to mock me for doing such a "married person" activity. It's all in good fun, of course, but it's also very true!

Life certainly has changed over the last six months for Tim and I. And my perceptions of the world have changed ... part of me is a housewife, and part of me sees the world that way. Next week the businesswoman part of me will need to kick in as I travel to Georgia for a company Christmas party during which time I will meet all my coworkers from our headquarters in Newnan.

I've always liked my life to be random and varied - it keeps me from getting bored. The varying activities of recent months - from homemaking to officiating basketball games - have certainly not allowed me time for boredom!